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New App Design
How the new design can create a go-to place where jobs and social lives meet
Oct 2017 - Dec 2017
Elliot Technologies
We are all looking for human contact. We seek high-quality connection through jobs and social circles. OffLine is a new app where discerning talents meet. It is a networking app that recommends potential matches based on user’s linkedin profile, existing gmail contacts and hand-picked professional interests.
I am the designer for Elliot Technologies’ new version of the app. My role consisted of collaborating with executives and developers to push out new designs and features for Elliot Technologies’s second app release. I was heavily involved with visual design, improving the experience on a series of flows and UI aspect of the iOs design.
According to IDEO’s Human-centered Design toolkit, design isn’t always a linear process, but I try to organize my process in these main phases to build and test my ideas:
First I created a persona for a typical user of Offline based on team’s research. If we had more time, I would suggest doing more user interviews.
Nick is facing a problem in making new inspirational professional connection. He doesn’t have a lot of time, but using Offline can help him overcome this problem. Using storyboard I recreated a scenario where Nick’s pain points are addressed with context.
Before getting to wireframes, we laid out the task flow to get users to sign up.
I started sketching out solutions on paper to create an easy workflow and clear navigation to guide users to sign up and start using the app.
1. Make matches more accurate I suggested using a drop-down ‘folder’ system to organize main and sub-interests, instead of a huge list of randomized popular interests in text bubbles in the previous version. My reasoning was that by allowing users to select interests systematically, they will likely to get more precise match, which was a pain point in previous app where it was difficult to define all the keywords that define one’s interest in word cloud, and thus the app used to lose users for the reason that they couldn’t find appropriate match.
2. Show clear progress in sign-up. Use circles to indicate where users are in the steps of sign-up. Because this is a critical step where previously drop-offs were high as we were asking for much information from users.
3. Show “Interests” section in personal profile/card page. I have noticed through running testing that not showing “interests” in personal profile screen caused users to be less likely to have accurate matching, as they can’t see the interests being listed or know that they can add or edit interests. So I decided to redesign the personal profile screen and make it compact enough to show basic info, goal and interests in one screen.
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