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Past talks

Optimize Your Potential: Planning For Senior IC Vs. Manager Career Tracks
As a design manager at Chainalysis,  I spoke at Girl Geek X's Elevate Conference and provided insights and guidance for individuals considering the IC or manager track, highlighting the key differences and qualities required for each role.

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Managing professional relationships as a designer

A product designer's professional journeys have unexpected twists and turns. Over the span of past few years, I have experienced the climbing from entry level designer to management roles. I wanted to share ways to improve your relationship with your manager, create a better and more effective plan leveling up, build professional relationships naturally and broadly, and ultimately move up in your career. 

I covered the following topics that help your career as a product designer:

Utilize 1:1 time with your manager

Develop relationship with your manager

How to network effectively

Measure success and deliver results

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How to build confidence and advance your career 

Junior- and Mid-level designers often seeks ways to grow but don't have mental models that stretch their skills. That's why I gave this talk! Building confidence is as important part of growing hard skills for a designer. I walk through the steps of building confidence through the following framework:​

Step 1: build locus of focus

Step 2: reflect on your unique path

Step 3: take calculated risks

Step 4: gather your achievements
Designers attending learn about strategies to stretch limits and get out of comfort zone at work.

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Nail your whiteboard exercise 

Chelsea Zhou, Product Design Lead, and Wei Zheng, Product Designer, at ThoughtSpot walks through various whiteboard types and how to prepare for them. This session is meant for entry-intermediate level designers who are interested in learning whiteboard interview tactics.

We will go through the following the topics in the group session:


Tips on product design critique


Live practice!

Q & A

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