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Helping organizations take in customer feedback any place, any time.

Through customer research and insight interviews, we realized that getting feedback from the public can be an overwhelming experience. With inundating information, organizations had to choose between reading every single piece of customer feedback and skipping some. As the customer feedback data come from different channels, we identified ways to turn around recording and connecting feedback to product ideas into simple steps.


We created a responsive experience that balance form, function and style. Through a lightweight authentication experience, we found a balance between the ease to leave feedback and the concern to filter out noises. We focused on using prototypes to onboard technical internal stakeholders. Allowing customers to vote on and share feedback on mobile devices, we offloaded the manual "feedback gathering" from product team where they could be focusing on roadmap prioritization.


Organizations are not sure what customers what them to build.


Customers vote and give feedback on product roadmap.

Internal User Flow

External User Flow

Testing the   discoverability

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