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Verlocal Design System

A living document for a distributed engineering team.


As the team grows and becomes more distributed, the need for developing standard style guide and component library  help make collaboration between designers and developers more efficient. 


Design system is a single source of truth that allows teams to develop a product with enforced consistency across different parts of the platform.

There are a few key benefits of creating and maintaining a robust design system:

○ Increased efficiency and reduced time on QA leads to building product faster. 

○ A Design System that responds to the needs of all platforms drives product alignment, and ensures consistency across all product and engineering teams. 

○ Designers can use gained time in uplifting the design standard even further and exploring new best practices and styles. A good Design System keeps technology stack up to date.

The entire process is synergy between Product, Design and Engineering to ensure overall efficiency and consistency of product roadmap and deliver better products for customers.


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